You guys rock!

Grand Rapids, Michigan

My Family and I were at Gun Lake Casino a couple years back, and around 8pm on that night, People kept coming up to our Table and asking us if we were going to be leaving soon. We told whoever asked us that we weren't sure if we were or not. I had asked why did they want our table so bad. They said The Rockshow was about to play on Stage 131....We never heard of them and asked if they were any good. Everyone said they were AWESOME !!! Said they were a Tribute Band to Journey. Well most of My Family are Journey Fans, so we decided to stick around and check them out. Well to our surprise they were FANTASTIC !!! Could not believe how much Tommy K sounded just like Steve Perry and Michael Hawkes is very entertaining to watch play Guitar and is very good at it. Chris B. is an AWESOME Drummer and Bruce Shew is a fantastic Bass player. They really know how to move a Crowd and be so entertaining at the same time. Since that night we have been following them as much as we can. We have become to know them as well as our very Best friends and hope they continue to Rock On for many years to come. YOU ROCK-ROCKSHOW !!!!

Walker, Michigan

I would like to Thank you and the entire Band for the GREAT Event at Horizons Center. Our Global Dow Team enjoyed the music, I got congratulations yesterday & today and very positive feedback which I wanted to share with the Band. I hope to meet you again in the future, I am sure there will be more events like this one at Dow!

I wish you a very nice WE and looking forward to listen to and see the Band again in the near future.

Dow Chemical Company, Lauterbourg France

I can't thank you and the rest of the guys enough for the spectacular job you did for us again this year at the 14th Annual "Crabby" Clam & Lobster Fest, benefiting the Johnny Burke Children's Foundation. We far outsold any previous year on both Friday and Saturday nights with you guys on stage. We track this closely, and can say, without reservation, it was because of you that we were so successful.

I would like to let everyone know just how good I think you guys are, so please feel free to share this with anyone you wish. I've been in broadcasting and the entertainment business for almost 40 years. I've booked literally hundreds of acts in that time, and The Rockshow is one of my all-time favorites. They do a spot on tribute to 70s and 80s rock & roll (everyone especially LOVES the Journey tribute set), and put on one of the most energetic and entertaining shows you'll find anywhere. These are guys who genuinely love making music and it shows. Vocals and musicianship are "wicked" great!

Thanks again, and remember you are booked Columbus Day weekend for the rest of your lives!

'Johnny Burke & the Morning Crew' on 96 WHNN

The Rock Show puts on an 80s show that is amazing!  And when Tommy K & Mike do their tribute to Journey, just close your eyes because you will think it's the real thing.We have booked The Rock Show for several years at special events, festivals, casinos and high end night clubs, and the band is always asked back. I would not hesitate to give this band a booking!

President, Wiser Productions

My husband and I, discovered this AWESOME band, (The Rock Show), several years ago at one of their Frankenmuth shows. We have been going to many of their shows since then, inviting family and friends on occasion. We have also met some GREAT people at the shows, including the band members themselves! LOVE THIS BAND!!!

White Lake, Michigan

My sister and I live in Indiana and over the past year we have traveled throughout Michigan and into Ohio to see The Rock Show. They combine pristine vocals, amusing accolades, and precision instrumentals to entertain and mesmerize audiences of all ages! Their versatility is what keeps crowds coming back to every performance. We are already planning our next road trip!

South Bend, Indiana

As someone that assists the band on a regular basis, I can tell you that not only is the music excellent, the experience that the band gives the audience is far different than the average band. These guys love what they do and they love the people that come to see them. There is never a dull moment and you never know what will happen next! The band members are very approachable regular guys and just a great time to be around.

Freeland, Michigan

Always a great entertaining show! Have introduced many to their awesomeness!! Tommy K, Chris, Mike and Bruce rock!!

West Michigan

These guys put on a great show and are very interactive with the crowd. I have become great friends with Tommy, Mike, Chris and Bruce over the years and always look forward to seeing them when they are in town. Great group of guys.

Kentwood, Michigan

You will never meet a better group of guys who can play Journey and 80s music who make it sound as close to the real deal as possible. They are also four guys who would give you the shirt off their back. You will find them mingling with the crowd and not sitting in the back somewhere closed off from everyone. They love to chat with the crowd and meet new fans all the time. None of them have that "Rock God" complex and will treat you as they would their friends. Their music and showmanship for a Rockin' good time will never disappoint!

West Michigan

We have been traveling to Frankenmuth, MI for quite a few years now on our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. It is your show that keeps us coming back! You guys are a credit to your community! The quality of your rock n roll show is second to none. We invited some friends to come along this year and they agree. Keep at it! Your awesome!

Rob and Trish Daubs

Forest, Ontario

The show was great. You guys really emulate the music to the point of I could close my eyes and almost imagine I was at a Journey Concert! Can't say that about a lot of bands. Impressive.

Jim Johnston

Tommy & the band-
Nick and I can't even begin to adequately express our appreciation for everything you did to make our wedding so perfect. From nailing the ceremony audio to putting on an amazing show, you set the tone for our day, and it was better than I even imagined it could be. So many of our guests have asked where we got such and awesome band. Having over 60 people on the dance floor at the very end of the night is because you kept people wanting more. At one point Nick thought a recorded song was playing while he was in the bar, but he came out & it was you guys. Your talent is worth every penny we spent (& way more). I wish you knew how much we loved everything! (Especially letting Nick & I on stage) We'll never forget this!
Nick & Abbey Dinsmoore

My husband Randy and I just saw you play in Taylor, MI. Great concert!! You guys gave us a "shout out" for our fifth wedding anniversary and dedicated "Open Arms". That was so cool! You guys even came over as we were leaving and personally wished us a Happy Anniversary! I have been a huge Journey fan since "way back". You guys brought back so many memories. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!!
Thank you!
Nancy Margherini

I saw you guys last night in Taylor at the summer festival and couldn't believe what a fantastic job you guys did! I've seen Journey with Steve Perry 18 times since I was 13 years old (I'm 46 now) and I know what their concerts are really like. I've met Neal, Jonathan and Ross quite a few times over the years, but never Steve Perry. Now I can say that fake Steve Perry touched my arm! Thanks Tommy! I was very skeptical, to say the least, but you guys totally won me over!

I saw Journey three times when Steve Augeri was fronting the band, and was even lucky enough to meet him - hell of a nice guy! But to be frank, I refuse to spend the money to see Journey with Arnel Pineda. He doesn't impress me in the least. It may have been different had there been ONE song on their Eclipse album that was halfway decent.
Kim Grube

I remain a Steve Perry fan and truly hope to see him one day again. Should that not happen, I would still be placated by seeing The Rock Show at least a few more times!

Thank you guys so much!!

Len Turner , Director of Entertainment Operations, Las Vegas, NV

Fremont Street Experience Testimonial <click here

Ok, my first post on this site. I have seen The RockShow 23 times. I am impressed by their professional musicianship mixed in with the fun they have on stage, each and every time. And it hasn't mattered which lineup I have seen. Add in how they like to let the audience in on the fun and I have had 23 fun and entertaining evenings. Some people question why we drive 2 or 3 hours to a show. (Or fly to Las Vegas for a long weekend to see three shows back to back to back.) I tell them that it won't matter what I say. But go to one of their shows and you will understand.

Chuck Burd 6-27-16

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